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Sunday, 13 December 2015 12:19

Best crowdfunded watch projects of 2015

Written by Brendan Ihmig

2015 was a particularly interesting year for crowdfunding in general and more specifically for horology and watches. The data is both impressive and staggering when you consider that 2015 may close with over US$30 billion in total funding for projects across all platforms.

2015 was especially a good year for watch projects on popular crowdfunding projects with the overall number of launched projects, successful projects and total funding for these projects amounting to more than in any previous year. Of all these projects I have selected ten watches, five smart and connected watches, five new watch brands and five watch accessories which I think were the very best of 2015.

Please note that projects listed below are in no particular order and for more information on a particular projects follow the 'Read More' link.


Top 10 Watches of 2015

4th Dimension by MollaSpace

A watch that connects time and space Read More

The Barrel by Original Grain

Handcrafted Watch made with Whiskey Barrel Wood Read More

Tawny Shark by Shark Sport Watch

Quartz watch uses solar system as prototype Read More

The Cosmos by Zelos Watches

Pushes the boundaries of design and manufacturing with sapphire dial components Read More

The Voyager by Mercer Watch Co.

A contemporary diving watch Read More


Sartorial timepieces that feature a unique interchangeable bezel system Read More

The Bull by Stuckx Watches

Mechanical and Mecha-quartz Chrono's Read More

DRAXAS 1503B by Griffin Emblem

DRAXAS is part of the brand Griffin Emblem Read More

K-01 by Akrone

French Designed Ceramic Automatic Watches Read More

The HALOGRAPH Automatic by XERIC

An Unusual Mechanical Automatic Watch Read More
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Other notable projects: the Pioneer by Solstice Watches, the Greenwich Time Gate by GTG Watches and the IMPI by Uhuru Watches


Top 5 Smart and connected watches of 2015

Shammane by Shammane

Technology meets elegance Read More

Rise by Omate

Standalone Water Resistant Smartwatch with Carbon Fiber Bezel Read More

GYENNO by GYENNO Technologies

Tactile way for communication based on health status Read More

Blocks by blocks Wearables

World's First Modular Smartwatch Read More
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Other notable projects: Trasense by Transense InternationalReVault by ReVault and BOLDR by Travisleon Watch Co. (cancelled)

Top 5 New Watch Brands of 2015

Filippo Loreti

Redefining Italian Luxury Watches Read More

Winston Time

Watch that is truly inspired by travel Read More

Wingman Watches

Classic Aviation Design with a Modern Touch Read More

Luno Wear

4 generations of watchmaking bring 100 years of watchmaking history Read More

Camber Watches

Watchmaking with a love for vintage motor sports Read More
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Other notable projects: Thesis Watches, Carpenter Watches and Maéstro Watch Co.


Top 5 Watch Accessories of 2015

WatchPops by WatchPops

Bling for your smart watch Read More

Unique by uBirds

Make any watch a smartwatch Read More

Deus Ex Aria by Deus Ex Tech. Ltd.

Bluetooth Wearable Gesture Controller Read More

NuDock by MiTagg

Apple Watch & iPhone Power Station Lamp Read More

Amber by ClearGlass

A Watchcase Power Bank for Apple Watch Read More
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Other notable projects: Hammer by Richard Tracy BrandTIMEDOCK by Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing and Pocket by Unity


Let me know in the comments below which 2015 crowdfunded watch projects were your favourites.

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