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Monday, 14 December 2015 23:02

Best crowdfunded tabletop game projects of 2015

Written by Brendan Ihmig

There is no doubt that crowdfunding has revived board games and tabletop gaming in general. The sheer number of projects launched this year as well as dedicated websites, blogs YouTube channels and live streaming channels which are now available are testomany to the growing popularity of this age old form of entertainment... and I am excited about it.

2015 did not disappoint in the department of crowdfunded board game projects that where launched and sucessfully funded. Fantasy and scifi games once again make up the vast majority of board games launched in 2015, but there were some great historical and social games launched that I really like as well. Here are the six board games which I think were the best board games launched on crowdfunding platforms during 2015.

Please note that projects listed below are in no particular order and for more information on a particular projects follow the 'Read More' link.

Top 6 tabletop games of 2015

Secret Hitler by Max Temkin

A social deduction game for 5-10 players Read More

'65 by Mark H. Walker

Squad-Level Combat in Vietnam Boardgame Read More

Immortal by Game-O-Gami

Summon the myths of the ancients in an epic strategy game Read More

Tesla vs. Edison by Artana

Light-to-medium weight strategy game for 2-5 players Read More

Posthuman by Mr. B. Games

Will you survive, or evolve? Read More

Blood Rage by CoolMiniOrNot

Viking themed strategic board game with detailed miniatures Read More
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Let me know in the comments below which 2015 crowdfunded board game game projects were your favourites.

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