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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 06:25

Best crowdfunded playing cards projects of 2015

Written by Brendan Ihmig

Be it purely for the looks or to add to add to your collection, if you were looking for creative alternative playing cards the scope of crowdfunded projects 2015 would certainly not have disappointed you. From video game inspired artwork to the art and tradition of Dia de los Muertos, playing card creators and artists draw have created decks of cards to suit any persons fancy or to compliment any collectors collection. Noted this year is also the use of different materials and effects used to create truely amazing cards, these include cards with a metal appearance with a prismatic effect to lenticular lens motion designs.

I am fascinated by the creative medium that playing cards offer artists and designers and how crowdfunding platforms now allow these artists to launch their projects to connect their art and passion to a ever growing market. OUt of the dozens of really great projects I have selected the six crowdfunded playing card decks which I think were the very best of 2015.

Please note that projects listed below are in no particular order and for more information on a particular projects you can simply follow the 'Read More' link for each.

Top 6 Playing Cards of 2015

Full Moon Werewolf by Scott king

The world's first lenticular lens motion tuck Read More

Wasteland by Jackson Robinson

Inspired by the video game Wasteland 2 Read More

Angelarium by Albino Dragon

It's the domain of angels and emanations Read More

Innovation by Jody Eklund

The men and women who changed the world Read More

Alloy by Playing Cards Dot Net

Beautifully designed iridescent stock tuck & card backs Read More

Dia de los Muertos by Edgy Brothers

Based on the art and tradition of Dia de los Muertos Read More
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Let me know in the comments below which 2015 crowdfundedplaying card projects were your favourites.

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