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Thursday, 17 December 2015 14:17

Best crowdfunded 'Internet of Things' home projects of 2015

Written by Brendan Ihmig

We live in a hyper connected world and the 'Internet of Things' (IoT for short) is the network of physical objects (things) which are embedded with electronics (sensors and connectivity) and software which enables these objects to collect and exchange data - or simple put, 'connected things'. In the home environment, IoT devices/appliances range from simple 'smart' thermostates or lightbulbs to advanced home automation and security elements. Most IoTs are a natural progression of technology of everyday devices that make a lot of sense, some are entirely new devices or innovations, while others are frankly, senseless and outright weird.

Crowdfuding has certainly contributed to the number of IoT devices now available thanks to the creative way people have applied connected technology to solve everyday problems or to simply make life (in a very connected world) a little easier. 2015 saw a considerable amopunt of IoTs launded on varioues crowdfunding platforms and here I have selected those projects which I think are the best.

Please note that projects listed below are in no particular order and for more information on a particular projects you can simply follow the 'Read More' link for each.

Top 12 'Internet of Things' of 2015

Biopod by Jared Wolfe

World's First Smart Microhabitat Read More

The Quicklock by RPH Engineering

World's 1st Bluetooth + RF Auto Lock Doorlock Read More


Simplest way to connect and control all the devices Read More

BedJet V2 by BedJest

Sleep inducing climate control for your Bed Read More

Nora by Smart Nora

The Smart Snoring Solution Read More

IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster by IKAWA Coffee

Roast your own coffee at the touch of a button Read More

MOVE by Teptron

Motorize blinds and shades Read More

Angee by Angee Inc

First truly autonomous home security system Read More

Ulo by Vivien Muller

Cute surveillance camera Read More

Milk Nanny by Wicoz Inc

World's First Smart Home Formula Milk Maker Read More

Range Dial by Supermechanical

Better looking, smarter cooking thermometer Read More

The New ilumi by ilumi solutions

The Simplest, Brightest, and Most Intelligent Smart Bulb Read More
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Let me know in the comments below which 2015 crowdfunded IoT projects were your favourites.

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