Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Wednesday, 30 December 2015 13:16

Best crowdfunded tech projects of 2015

Written by Brendan Ihmig

Every year technology marches forward with ever increasingly larger strides blazing a trail of innovation, ingenuity and creativity. Year on year crowdfunding has proven to be a healthy environment for adventurous inventors and designers to seek the funding they need to bring their technology projects to market.

2015 proved to be a year of great technological innovation, ingenuity and creativity with many successful projects launched on various crowdfunding platforms. From simple solutions for better mobile charging cables to complex autonomous home security system, 2015 was an exciting year for tech and crowdfunding and here are twelve projects I think were of the best.

Please note that projects listed below are in no particular order and for more information on a particular projects follow the 'Read More' link.

Top 12 tech projects of 2015

      Voltera by Voltera

      Circuit board prototyping machine Read More

      Prynt by Prynt

      1st instant camera case for smartphones Read More

      Tiko by Tiko 3D

      Simple, dependable and affordable 3D printer Read More

      Phree by OTM Technologies

      Unrestricted, high resolution, write-virtually-anywhere mobile input device Read More

      Solar Paper by YOLK

      Paper thin and ultra light weight solar charger Read More

      PancakeBot by StoreBound

      The world's first pancake printer Read More

      INSTRUMENT 1 by Artiphon

      Intuitive way to create music and play any sound Read More

      ZNAPS by ZNAPS

      Magnetic adapter for mobile charging cables Read More

      Trident by OpenROV

      An underwater drone for everyone Read More

      HUDWAY Glass by HUDWAY

      Turns your smartphone into a head-up display Read More

      PUGZ by PUGZ

      World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone Read More
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      Let me know in the comments below which 2015 crowdfunded tech projects were your favourites.

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