Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Thursday, 25 February 2016 10:49

Labuntina - Sing-along with animated music videos #KSPOTW

Written by Brendan Ihmig

Entertaining and educating are essential elements to be mindful of when you are a parent of a young child. The need to 'keep them busy' while still try to 'teach them something' is a constant challenge for parents. This challenge has been tackled by toy designers and manufactures for decades and it also plays well into the hands of those needing to market them. This challenge has reached a climax with our super connected lifestyle and the every smarter devices we surround ourselves with.

While trying to find entertaining and educational content for my son to view on a smartphone or tablet, I realized that the majority of content was neither very entertaining nor very educational. So, I decided to see if any one had tried to address this challenge on Kickstarter and that is when I found Labuntina; a sing-along crowdfunded project with animated music videos.

Labuntina is an animated series of music videos of original nursery rhymes created by Valentina Ventimiglia. Valentina has set out to create a project that entertains children and introduces a bit of the English language at the same time. Here is the official Kickstarter video of her crowdfunding campaign.

Labuntina Sing-along


For more information on Labuntina visit the official website and to back this project visit Kickstarter.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about Labuntina in the comments below.

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