Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Saturday, 27 August 2016 22:25

Musical Marble Machine by Wintergatan

So, this might be a little too nerdy or geeky or both for some people... but, the sheer level of epicness of this musical marble machine created by Martin Molin AKA Wintergatan is phenomenal. With over 3000 parts, using 2000 marbles and having taken over 14 months to design and build, this is one of those gems you find (every once in a blue moon) which ticks so many 'right' boxes. I love music, design, innovation, Lego, crafting, woodwork, mechanics and engineering. So, you will understand why this contraction has me so mesmerized.

In this post I have included the original music video by Wintergatan created from the launch of the musical marble machine along with the two part series of how it works. I have also included a videos which I think offered a little inspiration for this delightful contraption.

Crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe have become successful launch pads for new fashion brands to reach the market in a way that was simply not possible just 10 years ago. In years past, launching a fashion brand required hefty branding and marketing budgets, multiple industry connections and a considerable amount of time and effort, with success often hinged on luck.

Crowdfunding has removed a considerable amount of these obstacles which fashion brands faced in the past. With the advent of social media, rapidly evolving mobile technologies and constantly changing consumer behaviours, establishing a brand is that much easier when done via crowdfunding. However, beyond just successful establishing of fashion brands, crowdfunding has also helped raise the bar and is creating better fashion brands along with it.

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 13:27

The allure of crowdfunding

Have you ever wondered what causes you to be attracted to something or someone? Why your curiosity is sparked by one thing and not another? The whole concept of crowdfunding solidified my fundamental belief about attraction and curiosity.

I have always believed that attraction and curiosity are forces within an individual that are fueled by what is at the very core of a person. We are attracted by what we value and become curious by that which we are already interested in. This was very true (and remains so) when I first discovered crowdfunding and why I continue to support it.


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