Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Saturday, 27 August 2016 22:25

Musical Marble Machine by Wintergatan

So, this might be a little too nerdy or geeky or both for some people... but, the sheer level of epicness of this musical marble machine created by Martin Molin AKA Wintergatan is phenomenal. With over 3000 parts, using 2000 marbles and having taken over 14 months to design and build, this is one of those gems you find (every once in a blue moon) which ticks so many 'right' boxes. I love music, design, innovation, Lego, crafting, woodwork, mechanics and engineering. So, you will understand why this contraction has me so mesmerized.

In this post I have included the original music video by Wintergatan created from the launch of the musical marble machine along with the two part series of how it works. I have also included a videos which I think offered a little inspiration for this delightful contraption.

Entertaining and educating are essential elements to be mindful of when you are a parent of a young child. The need to 'keep them busy' while still try to 'teach them something' is a constant challenge for parents. This challenge has been tackled by toy designers and manufactures for decades and it also plays well into the hands of those needing to market them. This challenge has reached a climax with our super connected lifestyle and the every smarter devices we surround ourselves with.

While trying to find entertaining and educational content for my son to view on a smartphone or tablet, I realized that the majority of content was neither very entertaining nor very educational. So, I decided to see if any one had tried to address this challenge on Kickstarter and that is when I found Labuntina; a sing-along crowdfunded project with animated music videos.


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