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Thursday, 18 February 2016 11:37

5 Blogs every traveler should follow

Written by Brendan Ihmig

Over the last few years I have been blessed with being able to travel to various countries for both work and pleasure. This has meant packing and unpacking luggage, spending countless hours waiting in airports, even more hours in-flight, seeing wonderful places, meeting amazing people trying new things and tasting new dishes. I have experiencing a whole host of pros and cons of traveling and yet, every time before I begin preparing for a another trip, I tend to feel like I need to learn more or pick up some extra tips.

There are many travel blogs to find all sorts of travel information, travel hacks and tips for travelers and then you can Google for just about anything and everything. Here are a few travel blogs which I highly recommend and these are five I am following at the moment and think you should too.

Please note that these blogs listed below are in no particular order

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matts Travel Site tn

It will be a tough search to find a more informative and helpful blog about traveling on a budget than Matt Kepnes's blog called 'Nomadic Matt'. He is an experienced traveler and a best-seller author, and his book 'How to Travel the World on $50 a Day' (BBC Travel calls it “the bible for budget travelers”) is a must read for any budget traveler.

On the website you will find travel tips, destination guides, travel hacks and resources useful for planning a trip. The travel blog features great guides, destination lists, travel insights, answers to important questions and loads of general advice for traveling on a budget.

Visit Matt's Website, follow his Blog, follow Matt on Twitter or like his Facebook Page.


Otts World

Ottsworld Travel Blog tn

Travel and life experiences of a corporate American runaway, that's what you can expect from Sherry Otts’ website and blog. As a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler, Sherry travels to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring unique travel experiences, adventures, and photography from around the globe to her readers. But it’s not just about travel, as she puts it, it’s about life experiences of a solo female wanderer.

Sherry's work has been feature in a wealth of publications, from USA Today to CNN and BBC Travel to Women's Health with 35% of her readers saying they’ve decided on a travel destination based on stories/images they saw on her website and blog. I would highly recommend following her blog if you are a traveling photographer or a solo female traveler.

Visit Sherry's Website, follow her Blog, follow Sherry on Twitter or like her Facebook Page.


A Cruising Couple

A Cruising Couple Adventure Travel With A Dash Of Class1 tn

Dan and Casey are, as they put it, 'lovebirds, world travelers, and adventurers extraordinaire'. Traveling together offers much joy and some challenges, but in the end it will always be an adventure worth taking. A Cruising Couple offers stylish travel tips, adventure travel tales and top travel photographs from a couple who are passionate about adventure travel with a dash of class. They have been features in National Geographic, on CNN, on TripAdvisor and are 2015 FlipKey Award winners and founders of Moore Effective Media. Dan and Casey have also freelance for many travel publications and have authored a free eBook.

Whether you and your partner are seasoned travelers or you intent on traveling together for the first time, you are sure to gain a lot from the experiences and expertise of Dan and Casey.

Visit Dan and Casey's Website, follow there Blog, follow Dan and Casey on Twitter or like their Facebook Page.


Jetlag & Mayhem

Jetlag and Mayhem Tips on travelling with kids tn

Nicola has a mission: to turn her kids into mini jetsetters! Its a brave statement (traveling to the mall with a child can be a mission on its own, let along to some far of destination), but Nicola offers tips, guides and insights for traveling as a family and for planning family vacations. From what equipment to pack to trip ideas, Jetlag & Mayhem has got it covered. Jetlag & Mayhem was a winner in the 2014 Blogger Awards and ranked in the top 15 UK Family Traveler Blogger.

If you are a parent and need advice or traveler's tips for traveling with your family or are planning a family holiday, I highly recommend Nicola's blog... and maybe your children will also someday become mini jetsetters.

Visit Nicola's Blog, follow her on Twitter or like her Facebook Page.


Stuck at the airport

Stuck at the Airport A travel blog by Harriet Baskas tn

Harriet Baskas is dedicated to helping travelers, especially business travelers, make the very most of their layovers and lengthy stays at airports. Stuck at the Airport covers everything from the best airport lounges, up-to-date construction reporting to restaurant and hotel reviews, and other must-knows for the busy, airport-bound business traveler.

For seven years Harriet profiled airports for Now she writes a monthly column about airports for and maintains 50 airport guides for them. She also writes about airports, air travel and a wide range of other travel-related items for, Bing Travel and a variety of other outlets. Her blog is a growing list of airport profiles, news and notes about airports and airport amenities you’ll be glad to know about the next time you find yourself stuck at the airport

Visit Harriet's Blog, follow her on Twitter or like her Facebook Page.

These are my recommended traveler blogs, let me know which blogs you follow and would recommend in the comments below.

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  • Comment Link go-indochineWednesday, 19 October 2016 04:48 posted by go-indochine

    Big follower of Nomadic matt. Tks for making this list to let me know another great blogger. Looking for more articles from you in the future.

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