Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Brendan Ihmig

Brendan Ihmig

Wednesday, 04 January 2017 08:49

My best reads of 2016

At the beginning of 2016 I set out a small goal for myself. I wanted to read two business related books every three months (8 books for the year). Specifically, I wanted to read books that would motivate, inspire and challenge me as an entrepreneur and would give me additional tools to tackle this thing called 'entrepreneurship'.

So, of the eight books I read, these are the five which where my best reads. This list of books not only highlights books which motivated and inspired me, but the content therein, challenged me far more than I could have expected.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 22:15

Social Media: friend or foe?

I got onto social media very early on. First on Facebook in early 2007 and then Twitter towards the end of that year. I begin using these platforms along with others; like YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.; for branding and marketing for my clients from my digital agency. This gave me the opportunity to see these platforms develop, evolve and change as they grew to the massive networks they are today.

Seeing how they have grown in popularity, influenced the way people interact online and how companies and organisations conduct business in the digital space, has left me in a peculiar position. I have seen and almost daily see, given my profession, the inherent good that comes from these social platforms and I have also seen the potential harm and dangers they pose.

Saturday, 27 August 2016 23:23

WoW's Ashbringer brought to life

No other video game developer does things (or more fitting, everything) quite like Blizzard Entertainment does. From developing, in my opinion, the most iconic video games to spectacular live events and tournaments, from highly detailed merchandise to a blockbuster feature film, Blizzard has this unique ability to bring a world of fantasy to life, fantasy that feels real and alive.

Blizzard has been know for bringing characters and items from their fictional worlds to life in various art forms and their latest is an iconic item from World of Warcraft; Ashbringer - a Paladin Artifact weapon. Watch legendary Hollywood blacksmith Tony Swatton of Sword and Stone use the mighty tools of his trade to bring Ashbringer to life.

Saturday, 27 August 2016 22:25

Musical Marble Machine by Wintergatan

So, this might be a little too nerdy or geeky or both for some people... but, the sheer level of epicness of this musical marble machine created by Martin Molin AKA Wintergatan is phenomenal. With over 3000 parts, using 2000 marbles and having taken over 14 months to design and build, this is one of those gems you find (every once in a blue moon) which ticks so many 'right' boxes. I love music, design, innovation, Lego, crafting, woodwork, mechanics and engineering. So, you will understand why this contraction has me so mesmerized.

In this post I have included the original music video by Wintergatan created from the launch of the musical marble machine along with the two part series of how it works. I have also included a videos which I think offered a little inspiration for this delightful contraption.

Saturday, 12 December 2015 10:42

4 TED Talks every crowdfunder should see

With over a billion views and 2000+ videos uploaded, TED is a not just an idea it is a movement. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and was the brainchild of Richard Saul Wurman, who observed a convergence of these fields in 1984. With the slogan “Ideas worth sharing” TED has become the goto for information and inspiration from the world's leaders in the fields of not only technology, entertainment and design but also for science, culture, medicine and academics among others.

In much the same way as TED is about ‘ideas worth sharing’, crowdfunding is about ‘ideas worth funding’. Crowdfunding and TED share many similarities and one could almost say that they share the same DNA. Here are four TED Talks which I think every crowdfunding creator or backer should watch. They are also perfect for those curious about crowdfunding as they provide much insight and case studies.


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